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The Level 8

'The Level 8'

The unique Rooftop Musical Garden themed restaurant, where you can appreciate the panoramic skyline of Phnom Penh city, enjoy the soothing music from a live band.

Also known as the “urban jungle”, the rooftop restaurant décor includes a monstrous waterfall, rock creation, private VIP rooms in the design of a tree stump, and exotic fishes from the Amazon River. The giant Arapaima gigas, the largest and fresh water fish in the world, is our star of all-time on The Level 8.

The restaurant offers indoChinese cuisines in a wide diversity of appetizers, main courses, soups and desserts. For the curious visitors, local extreme foods are available on a special request basis.

Opening hours: 04:00 PM till late
Snack Bar

Snack Bar

The Snack Bar located on the ground floor offers a wide selection of food, with dishes from different ethnic flavors – from Asian to western. Enjoy a diverse choice of coffee, tea, and fresh fruit concoctions while reading the newspaper or watching your favorite television programmes, all in a relaxed, air-conditioned comfort.

Opens daily: 06:30 AM till late.
Foot Reflexology, Massage & Sauna

Foot Reflexology, Massage & Sauna

Give your feet a break after a long day and enjoy our traditional foot reflexology. At Hotel Luxury World Foot Reflexology, each personalized session aims to nourish your soul from within.

Our ancient Thai body massage, sauna and bath makes a complete relaxation therapy. Breathe deep into the steamy aromas of homegrown herbs and spices expertly blended to promote holistic wellness. From healing aqua-therapy sessions to complete, full-body packages, each treatment promotes pro-health healing to your body and re-energize senses.

Opening hours:  10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
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